What is VORP? 

Victim Offender Reconciliation Program of Contra Costa County is a community based restorative justice program designed to facilitate agreements between juvenile offenders and victims of crime with the goal of making things as right as possible.  VORP provides a different approach to juvenile crime by giving the people involved an opportunity to decide how to best address the offense.

How it works

With the assistance of a trained volunteer mediator, VORP provides a process which takes into consideration the needs and concerns of the victim, the offender, and the community.  The crime and its damage are recognized and discussed, an agreement is reached on how equity can be restored and future intentions are clarified.  Once a satisfactory agreement is in place, VORP will monitor the plan and assist the parties in meeting their obligations.

VORP will accept adjudicated or non-adjudicated cases where there is an identifiable victim, restitution is needed, and the offender admits to having committed the offense.  Participation is voluntary.

For the victim, VORP provides the opportunity to:

  • Ask questions which may have arisen as a result of the offense.
  • Express feelings and opinions about the offense directly to the offender.
  • Work out a written agreement for restitution.

For the offender, VORP provides the opportunity to:

  • Take responsibility for actions and involvement in the offense.
  • Work out a written agreement for restitution and other matters necessary to make things right.
  • Get past the offense by making things right directly with the victim.

Statistics show that juvenile offenders who have participated in a victim offender program are much more likely to pay restitution and much less likely to re-offend.

We Need Your Support . . .

Juvenile crime tears communities apart.  We bring people together with the goal of repairing the damage caused by crime.  Can you help us?

  • Our staff would like to visit your organization to share our vision for VORP and how restorative justice can benefit our community.
  • VORP is seeking community volunteers to become trained in listening, leadership, facilitation and mediation skills.  Through our training course, volunteers will learn the critical techniques and skills necessary to become effective VORP mediators.
  • We need in-kind donations such as meeting facilities throughout Contra Costa County.
  • VORP needs your financial support in the form of pledges or donations.  As our resources increase, our services can be offered to more victims and offenders.  Donations are tax deductible.
Victim Offender Reconciliation Program of Contra Costa County is sponsored by The Congress of Neutrals,
a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation providing mediation, education and conciliation services.