Through its Contra Costa County Superior Court mediation program in small claims, unlawful detainerand civil harassment cases, The Congress of Neutrals provides mediation opportunities for new mediators who have completed a 25 hour mediator training course, as required by the court.

To learn more about the Congress of Neutrals’ qualifying training course, click here.

The goal of the Mediation Mentoring Program (MMP) is to provide practical mediation experience under the supervision of experienced mediators. In order to participate, each trainee must do the following:

Upon approval of the program director, the trainee is then assigned to an experienced mediation mentor who regularly handles small claims mediations in one of the branch locations of the Superior Court.

NOTE: The Congress of Neutrals reserves the right to terminate the services of volunteers who violate court protocols, who are discourteous to court personnel, the court or disputants, or who otherwise demonstrate an insufficient level of mediation skill or training.

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